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iOS-proof. Recession-proof.

8-Figure Email Secrets: How the top 1% DTC businesses use zero-party data to lower CAC

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Sending well written, beautifully designed emails is not a strategy. It’s the bare minimum.

Download this guide to learn how elite DTC brands unlock hidden insights and use them to improve their emails, ads and landing pages!

Record-Breaking DTC Brands That Have Dumped Cookie-Cutter Strategies

Go From Rookie To Pro 

While everyone else is re-sending email campaigns, duplicating adsets and AB testing the conversion rate impact of placing a CTA above the fold, you can play the game like pros:

🚀 Collect the most deadly kind of intent-data (NOT available on any analytics tool)

🚀 Use this hidden data to unlock clever insights and craft a personalized email strategy

🚀 Create persuasive flows and campaigns to set you apart from your competitors

🚀 Feed the data back into your FB Ad Account to improve targeting and further reduce CAC

A System Refined Over Years and 9-Figures In Sales


🤞 Assume who the ideal customers are
👍 Write inspiring copy
👍 Create beautiful design

Elite Operators

💪 Ask customers who they are (surveys, phone calls)
💪 Mine reviews to better understand them
💪 Mine reddit, facebook groups and other social media to understand them as well as their therapist
👌 Create messaging for multiple customer segments
👌 Create a zero-party data collection strategy to help classify new website visitors
👌 Carefully plan campaign calendars, flows, ads and landing pages to target customer segments
👍 Write inspiring copy
👍 Create beautiful design

Case Studies

case study logo nood.png

Over $2m extra revenue with zero-party data collection and personalized email & SMS marketing in 8 months 

case study logo orchard.png

20% drop in CAC post-iOS 14, while increasing adspend 45% in 12 months, on track to cross the 8-figure revenue milestone

case study logo kala.png

From 5-figures to multi 7-figures revenue in 2 years with personalized email & SMS marketing, and facebook ads

case study logo ornament anchor.png

4x increase in revenue YoY despite only 1.5x increase in adspend, thanks to personalized fb ads and email marketing

case study logo fancii.png

71% YoY growth, adding an extra $3m revenue with personalized fb ads and conversion rate optimization

case study logo fosh.png

Scaled to 3x revenue while maintaining the exact same CPA with personalized email marketing and fb ads

case study logo domio.png

From $0 to $1m in 6 months with personalized email & SMS marketing, fb ads and CRO


Josh Bubar
Co-Founder, FOSH

Fosh-1x1-V3 (1)_edited.jpg

"We've had almost 300% increase in our Shopify sales, for the last 12 months. Not slowing down at all any time soon."

Brendan Zheng

Co-Founder, Fancii


"They give you 150% day in and day out because they know that if your business scales up and if you succeed obviously they do as well."

Ataullah Khatib
eCommerce Manager, Domio


"In 6 months, they've already helped us cross $1m in sales. They're truly experts in their field. Great communication, great service."

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