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Big Brand Emails at Small Business Pricing.

Send emails like top-tier DTC brands for only $999 a month.

DTC-grade copy, design, and email strategy, without the hassle of hiring several pros.

Work we’ve done

How It Works.

Easy Peasy Email List Squeezy.

Step 1 - Calendar Planning

We plan your campaign calendar wayyyy in advance. Seriously, we’re like the dad that shows up 6 hours ahead to the airport.

Step 2 - Write and Design Emails

Designs that’ll make Picasso proud, copy that’ll captivate Ogilvy himself.

Step 3 - Your Stamp of Approval

We exist in your slack or whatsapp and send you a figma link to request edits or bestow your royal seal of approval.

Step 4 - Segment, Setup and Schedule

We carve your email list like a Thanksgiving Turkey and set the table in Klaviyo, ensuring each guest gets their perfect serving of emails.

Step 5 - Monthly Reporting

So that you can rest easy knowing every month your emails are making you money without you even lifting a finger.

Like Having Your In-House Email Marketer, But Cheaper.

Myth: Good Things Cost Good Money.

We disagree, here’s why:

Ever been to a Costco? Great things in greater sizes but dirt cheap prices.
How? 2 words: Operational excellence.

We cut down all the agency fluff and double-down on things that’ll move the needle for 6-7 figure brands:


Streamlined process, almost as good as a Japanese factory


Data-backed strategies we’ve develop after working with 100+ brands


Fine-tuned AI models (not the typical ChatGPT stuff) powering humans that do all your work


No bi-weekly touch-base BS that costs you more than it costs us


No starting from scratch - we have insights into multiple ecom niches


No outsourced work - our in-house employees function almost as a part of your team

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