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Case Study




We started working with Ornament Anchor in Q4 of 2022. Being one of the rare brands to have the honour of making it to Shark Tank TWICE, they had high expectations walking into an agreement with us. In Q4 of 2021, they were fresh off the heels of their Shark Tank appearance and experienced record-breaking growth.


They wanted to DOUBLE their YoY sales by the end of BFCM 2022.


Doubling the sales of their record breaking quarter was not going to be easy, but if we were to do it, we knew we had to begin by better understanding customers.



After mining thousands of reviews, social forums and surveying past customers, we were able to break down their target customers into 3 different sub-profiles:

- People with cats
- People who buy expensive ornaments
- People who lost sentimental ornaments in the past


The research phase revealed many more  key insights. Then  we got to work creating different landing pages, email sequences and ad creatives to specifically target each customer sub-profile.

Rather than invest in new creatives, we re-edited their past assets and worked with the founding team to create new UGC featuring them. There was $0 investment in sourcing new creatives from partners!



Ornament Anchor’s target was a 100% increase in revenue, we managed to almost double that at 289% growth YoY!

Ornament Anchor Shopify.png

That too while only increasing their ad spend by only 48.16%

Ornament Anchor FB.png

Note: These results would not have been possible if we worked in a silo and only focused on either one of emails, landing pages or ads. We were able to unlock incredible results by unlocking insights and testing each part of the funnel with a strategy designed to personalize the experience for each customer sub-profile!

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