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Case Study

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Orchard approached us a few months after the infamous iOS 14 update that rocked the DTC world to its core. It was quite ironic for a company that sells used iPhones. 

Their CPA’s were climbing fast and cutting into their margins. Something had to be done!



Decreasing their CPA at a time when nobody knew how to navigate the post-iOS 14 world was not going to be easy, but we knew that the core principles of  marketing don’t change. If we could position Orchard’s offerings to match the exact needs of different customer profiles, more people would buy!


After mining thousands of reviews, social forums and surveying past customers, we were able to break down their target customers into 3 different sub-profiles:

- Concerned parents buying their childrens’ first phone

- Anxious customers who don’t trust third-party marketplaces
- Eco-friendly customers who prefer to recycle phones to preserve our planet


The research phase revealed many more  key insights. Then we got to work creating different landing pages and ad creatives to specifically target each customer sub-profile.



Prior to working with us, Orchard spent a 6-figure sum on Facebook Ads in the preceding 12 months, and acquired thousands of customers at a CPA of $76. After we began working with them in Sep ‘21, in the next 12 months we were able to increase their adspend by 45%, while acquiring almost twice the amount of customers at a CPA of $60!

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