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Case Study




This is one of our most favorite case studies. We partnered up with Kala very early in their DTC journey, so we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with them while they grew to a 7-figure store in less than 2 years.




Red Light Therapy has many use cases: treating skin issues such as acne and eczema, muscle and joint recovery, restoring energy levels, and even libido! Each use case equates to a new customer profile, but targeting all of them at once is not a profitable strategy.

So we set out to identify the most profitable target profiles.


First, we launched ads that were targeted to a broad audience and advertised a multiple benefits. Once traffic arrived on the site, we used a popup with zero-party data collection capability to ask customers what benefit they were most looking forward to. Their answers triggered very specific email flows that elaborated on their chosen benefit.


After a couple months of running with this strategy, we were able to notice clear patterns of which benefits attracted the most website traffic, and which benefits had the best conversion rates.


Then we started creating hyper-specific ads, emails and landing pages to target the top 3 customer profiles.



Unlike many brands that were launched at the peak of COVID, Kala launched at the tail end of the pandemic when consumers were already returning to retail stores and the DTC industry started suffering setbacks. 


Despite these obstacles, in the second year of our partnership, we were able to grow the store’s sales by 175%!

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