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Case Study




2022 was a year of reckoning for many DTC brands and it was no different for Fancii. After experiencing record-breaking growth in 2020, Fancii finally started feeling the effects of iOS 14 and a looming recession. Not the best climate for selling high-end cosmetics…


Their flagship products, a high-end facial steamer and collection of premium handheld mirrors, began to drop in sales. We were tasked to revive each of them.




Selling high-end cosmetics and skincare to a public trying to save money was not going to be easy. We knew we had to reframe the value propositions. We needed to really get in the customer’s mind. This was not something that could be done by ‘mining reviews’ or even typeform surveys.


So we got them on the phone! 


After in-depth interviews with Fancii customers, we were able to identify the jobs they were actually trying to fulfil with Fancii’s products. We reframed Fancii’s products not as high-end beauty add-ons, but as key pieces that would completely replace other expensive treatments, such as spa visits. 


This message was communicated on ads, leading to very specific landing pages. A popup collected zero-party data to further classify them into 3 different ICP groups, each triggering a unique email flow.




With this personalised approach, we were able to increase Fancii’s YoY sales by 71%. 

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