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Case Study




Domio is an interesting case study because they researched and developed proprietary technology that powers their products. Their flagship product, a communications device that attaches to helmets and transfers sound through bone-conduction, was equipped with unique features not available to other products in the market.  


When they came to us, they demanded results as spectacular as their product. After researching the market, we understood why they had high expectations, and were confident that we could deliver.




Domio recruited 20+ motorcyclists as beta testers to develop their product. We began our marketing research by scheduling phone interviews with the beta testers.


Based on the research insights, we were able to break down the top customer profiles into these categories:
a) inner-city motorcyclists who wanted a safe way to listen to music while commuting
b) inner-city motorcyclists who wanted to be able to safely receive phone calls while commuting
b) group riders who wanted a comms device to communicate with group members


Then, we started creating hi-def explainer videos and UGC videos that compared Domio’s superior features to that of competitors, and what benefits they translated to.


We also implemented a zero-party data strategy to ask customers what main benefit they are looking for (via popup), and used that data to target them with tailored email flows and facebook ads. 


Multiple landing pages were created to support the ads and emails, each bolstering the value propositions relevant to specific customer profiles.




We launched Domio’s first ads in October 2019. By February 2020, they had recorded over $3.8 million in sales, and sold their business to a large Motorcycle Distributor based out of Israel.


That ended our partnership, but we were happy for them nonetheless :)

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