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Check out this 44-page google doc explaining how 8-figure DTC brands collect and use zero-party to improve their email marketing, advertising and landing pages!

Or, check out this guide on the 8 types of email campaigns you can use in 2023 to plan your email calendar. No more writers block (or designer's block).

Case Studies

case study logo nood.png

Over $2m extra revenue with zero-party data collection and personalized email & SMS marketing in 8 months 

case study logo orchard.png

20% drop in CAC post-iOS 14, while increasing adspend 45% in 12 months, on track to cross the 8-figure revenue milestone

case study logo kala.png

From 5-figures to multi 7-figures revenue in 2 years with personalized email & SMS marketing, and facebook ads

case study logo ornament anchor.png

4x increase in revenue YoY despite only 1.5x increase in adspend, thanks to personalized fb ads and email marketing

case study logo fancii.png

71% YoY growth, adding an extra $3m revenue with personalized fb ads and conversion rate optimization

case study logo fosh.png

Scaled to 3x revenue while maintaining the exact same CPA with personalized email marketing and fb ads

case study logo domio.png

From $0 to $1m in 6 months with personalized email & SMS marketing, fb ads and CRO

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